My primary skills are within IT security, reverse engineering and software development. I have a full time job but am available for short freelance projects after hours. If you are interested in hiring me for a shorter engagement, please send me an email at


I provide consulting services within application security, software development or systems administration. My speciality is reverse engineering where I have experience with a broad range of architectures and systems. Typically, I'm available for shorter projects, from a couple of hours up towards a week as I don't want to commit to anything longer while already working full time.


As shown on my talks page, I have given talks in various contexts such as conferences, company events or as a guest lecturer in university courses. The topics of my talks vary but my main areas of focus is reverse engineering, program analysis and how to get into or become better at IT security.


Do you want to enhance or augment the skills in your organisation? I have several years experience of leading IT security workshops and have recently given trainings in binary exploitation. I'm very flexible and able to deliver shorter trainings or workshop, from one or a few hours up to one or two days within multiple areas of security. I currently have a training package ready on the basics of binary exploitation which includes both theory and a lot of hands-on exercises. Other topics that I'm able to provide trainings on are web security, cryptography or reverse engineering.